Queenstown Cat Rescue

Queenstown Cat Rescue is independent Charitable Trust whose focus is to reduce the numbers of stray cats in the Central Otago area in New Zealand.

Success Stories

Adoption Success Stories

Here we will share our success stories plus you are welcome to add your own photo and story directly. If you would prefer you can email us your photo and details, we are happy to add them to the page on your behalf. Email ‘success stories’ to admin@qcatrescue.org.nz

Thank you to everyone who has opened their hearts and homes to our lovely cats.

A New Sunny Home for Ginger

SUCCESS STORY: Beautiful Ginger with his new Dad Mike. After a month he is settling in well and loves his new home. He has his favourite little spots where he loves to lay in the sun and sniff the grass and flowers, and when he gets bored with that he happily curls up on his [...]

Super Cute Felix Finds A Home

        SUCCESS STORY: Little Felix has been adopted by his new family in Frankton. His is settling well and the family are very happy with their new family member. Thank you so much Andrea Greengrass Balona & Jaime Fleming for fostering this lovely little man, he really is a darling little kitty!! [...]

Pumpkin Finds His Forever Home

SUCCESS STORY: Pumpkin has gone off to his forever home with Lisa & Michael. He is settling in well, and being the good natured gentle boy that he is, he will blend in well with his new family in no time. Every co-ordinator from Wanaka, Cromwell & Queenstown was involved in Pumpkin’s well being and [...]

Brave Hazel Finds a New Home

SUCCESS STORY: Energetic little Hazel went off to her adopted family in Wanaka over the weekend and her new Dad said she is settling in very well and his daughters are very much besotted with her. She has had a long recovery after being rescued by Angela in Arrowtown. She was seen crawling on the [...]

Tripper has been fostered and adopted

22/11/12 This is Tripper, he was fostered and then adopted by Bridgett Rutherford and her partner. Tripper was a very distressed, highly strung cat whom Bridgett fostered and cared for turning him into an affectionate & playful cat. Bridgett says ‘He now loves people and always in the mood to play then have a cuddle [...]

Lucky – Rescued and adopted

19/11/12 This is Lucky who was rescued by Rebecca Barrow in Cromwell. Lucky was in poor condition when Rebecca found her, taking her to the vet to be vet checked and have her matted coat shaved. We have now adopted Lucky to a Queenstown couple, Anouke & Stephen whom have bonded well with Lucky in [...]

Great new home for Noodle

09/11/12 This gentle purry little 7 month kitty was left behind when her owners moved out of their house. She has gone to her new home with Leanne & her husband and has been named Noodle. Family said this morning (10/11) that she spent her first night sleeping on the bed with them – and [...]

Professor has been adopted

This friendly & affectionate lap cat Professor went to his new home to live with Glen & Juanita. Thank you very much Sheena for looking after this wee man until he was rehomed. 05/11/12

Lexi found a new home

Adorable little Lexi went to her new home with a family who live at Ladies Mile in the country. She will have all day company in her new home – which she enjoys as she loves people. Thank you so much to Hannah Stark for fostering her for the past 2 months & giving her [...]

Toro – rescued and adopted

This is beautiful Toro. He was rescued by Dave & his partner at Goldfields, where he happily lives & hangs out being spoilt all day long. We love your cute pink nose!

Minou has been adopted

After living 10 months in tough conditions in wild, this affectionate little Minou found a perfect loving home and such a wonderful mum Sheena Salter. There is a special story behind this little cat where Mayumi has spent many months & a great deal of time grooming this little cat of for this special occasion. [...]

Tilly has found a lovely home

Little Tilly (black kitten) has been adopted by Victoria and her family in Arrowtown. As you can see the family’s other cat, Ginger has bonded really well with Tilly and are inseperable. Thanks Kim Peterson for fostering Tilly and nursing her back to health again.

Molly gets great new home

Our plucky and confident little 5 year old Molly went to her new home today in Frankton. Molly was found in rural Arrowtown a month ago. Thank you to Bridgett Rutherford who has fostered Molly and looked after her you have done a wonderful job!!

Gorgeous Grey gets a new home

 This beautiful gentle affectionate cat went to her permanent home today with Greg and Jody. She is one of the most friendly, affectionate cats I’ve ever encountered. Thanks Carey-Anne Henley and Anne Henley for fostering this little cat until the right home came along.

Aree has been Adopted

Beautiful Aree has been adopted by the family who were fostering her. In the very short time that Aree has been with the family, they have fallen in love with her saying she has an enormous personality so they can’t bare to part with her. The family have been fostering for us for sometime now [...]

New home in LHE

This gorgeous little puff ball went to his new home at Lake Hayes Estate, thanks to Julia Milley and Belinda.


This is Dave who has been adopted by Maxine and her family in Dalefield. Within hours of arriving at his new home, he made himself at home by curling up on her bed and had a snooze. He has settled in well.

Gingy Loves His New Home

Gingy has gone to his permanent home with Shona and her family in Fernhill. He has already bonded with the children, showing how extra smoochy he is!!

Little Tigers Adopted Together

These two little tigers went to their new home last night. They were adopted together by Vanessa in Arrowtown. There are so many volunteers involved with these two kittens and so many people to thank, but Jules, Katarina and Sarah played a very vital role in socialising them and getting them to the stage to [...]

Champagne Burmese Gets a New Home

She is the most friendly 8 year old Champagne Burmese and she is now happy in a new permanent home.

New home Found

This little Princess was adopted by Chelsea and her family on Friday. It was “love at first site” the minute Chelsea laid eyes on her. Thanks Belinda for fostering and caring for her.

New home for Jimmie

  This older female called Jimmie was suddenly left homeless when her owner passed away, she was put into foster care at Care Vets. She has now been adopted by Michelle Bath and her family, and after only one day, Michelle sent a beautiful email expressing the love and connection she instantly felt with Jimmie. Thank [...]

Tails gets a new home

‎ Tails went off to his new home with Hanna. He had lived with Belinda for a long time so it’s great news that he has finally gone to a permanent home. Thanks so much Belinda for taking care of him for this long period.

Mr Boots

Meet cuddly, snuggly Mr Boots he was abandoned in Cromwell. He has been adopted by Melanie Grindell and her husband, he has settled in comfortably into his new home. Thanks so much to Kayla, Charah & Rae for fostering and caring for Mr Boots. Thanks Care Vets for transporting him from Cromwell for us.


Our beautiful Gingy, now called Josh and previously on our ‘Adopt Me’ page, went to his new home today with long time local Janine. Gingy showed Janine who the boss was the minute they met, and she knew immediately he was meant for her.

Kitty loves her new home

This is Kitty Little Ears who came from back of Fresh Choice. His ears had little tears in them as a result of having his head stuck in a food can. He has gone to live at Remarkables Station. Thanks Julia for taking great care of this little man

Adopted Together!

These two beautiful affectionate 4 month old kittens went to their new home to live with Shantelle and her family. A huge thanks to Tegan for all her time, care, love and patience that she gave to these little guys. She turned these two little spit fires into gentle loving kittens.

Happy in a new home

This little man was fosterd by Kim Peterson and she successfully adopted him to Lisa. Off he went to his brand new home with his new mum Lisa on Saturday

Beautiful Girl

Our beautiful little 3 month old female who was fostered by Ave Mgias, went off to her new home on Friday to live with Alana and the family cat. She is a very affectionate little girl & will bring lots of joy to her new family. Thanks Ave for your love & caring with her

Adorable Little Girl

 This adorable smoochy little female kitten was adopted yesterday by Stone & Susan Shangle who have already adopted her little black sibling. So glad she has gone to live with her sister!! Thank you Laura Green (again!!) for fostering her, also a big thanks to Matt & Gabrielle for taking care of her before she went [...]


Shadow came to Cat Rescue with her brother when they were about one. Their owners just moved away without them, she was left helpless on the balcony! But she is now happier than ever in her new home with Alicia and her family. (Her brother got a great new home too)

Loeki de Leeuw

What a handsome little man. Loeki de Leeuw was one of our rescue kitties from Arthurs Point. He went to live at Butterfli Lodge almost two years ago and loves being the centre of attention among the many visitors that stay:)

Siblings get a home together

These five month old siblings have been adopted by Victoria and her family in Arrowtown. Such great news that they were both able to be rehomed together! Thanks so much to Kim Peterson and also to Belinda and her family for all helping to socialise and foster these two, it was a long road.

Wonderful Home Found

This adorable little male kitty went off to his new home last night with Sharon & Nigel Ede. Thanks Mayumi Rowcroft for trapping him, and a big thanks to Caz Brigham for fostering him. Caz said “he is bombproof! he has no fear of kids, animals, the vacume cleaner or hairdryer”. He proved to be a very [...]

White And As Sweet As Chocolate

She is happy in her new home! Thanks Kim for fostering her.

Garden Court Kitty

What a beautiful little man , he is now the Garden Court Hotel kitty. The neuter and release was cared for by Sheena and staff. He was unable to be tamed and socialised but has still been adopted by the hotel. Thanks Sheena


Garfield came from Caples Place and was adopted into Kirsty Bowdens family, with Bruce, the kids, the family bird called Guya, Ping the dog, the cats and the family’s rabbits & rats. They all went to live in Invercargill on their giant property – we will miss you Kirsty. Garfield will be loved forever!!


Ruths beautiful little shy foster kitten went to his permanent, loving home in Fernhill with Rachel and Jasper. The family have named him Padfoot and he is already showing how confident he is in his new surroundings.

Twins Adopted Together

These two kittens went to their new home together with Alana, her brother and family in Goldfield Heights. Alana has adopted the white faced kitten and her brother has adopted the brown faced kitten, so they are together and doing well.

Gorgeous Kitten

Our gorgeous female kitten went to her new home this week. This is also one of Molly’s kittens.

Great home Found

Our little 7 week old female kitty went to her forever home with Chelsea and family. Thanks to Sarah & Rebecca for fostering her.

New Home Found

He is another of Molly’s kittens. He went off to his permanent home to live happily ever after!! Thanks Sarah & Rebecca for fostering him

Molly’s last kitten

Away to a new home, this was Molly’s last kitten to go. Thanks again to Sarah and Rebecca for their time in fostering Molly and her kittens.

A Black Beauty

Our beautiful, male four month old kitten is going off to his new home with Mark Murphy tonight. Thank you so much to Whitney for fostering this little man and giving him the love and care that he needed.


Abbie our beautiful, affectionate 4 year old female has been adopted by Claudia and her family. A huge thank you to Natalie and her partner for fostering Abbie for us for the last 4 months. I know that she has bought you so much joy!

Tagged and Released

one of our little feral cats from a colony that we care for. He has been neutered & released back because he is too wild to tame. He has been ear tagged for identification.


Snoop, another beautiful deaf kitten has gone off to his new home in Kingston, where he is going to have loads of room to roam plus a beautiful Samoyed dog as a playmate. Ave spent many weeks giving this little man plenty of love, care and devotion – thank you for fostering him.  


Dear little Frankie is a 4 month old female kitty who has been adopted by Carol in Frankton.Whitney fostered Frankie before she went off to her permanent home. Thanks Whitney for taking care of this dear little kitten when she needed it the most.

Great home Found

Our deaf male kitten has gone to his new home today. Kim did a fantastic job fostering and caring for him!! We would not have been able to do this without you Kim – thank you!!


Meet Lilo a 9 week old female kitten who was adopted by Angela and her family. She looks adorable all snuggled up on her blanket. Thank-you Jessie and Reuben for fostering and caring for her when she needed veterinary care and treatment.

Little Fighter

She was trapped and caught at the YHA along with her litter mate. She only has one eye  but she has proved to be a real little fighter, after the vets treated and carried out surgery on her, she was adopted with her litter mate by Rachel and family. These little kitties are now living [...]

Happy in his new home

He is the little brother of the  ”one eyed” female kitty. They have both been adopted by Rachel and are living happily on their farm in Invercargill. Thank you Rachel for caring & loving them.


Our beautiful male cat named Smokey has gone to his dream home with Caroline. Smokey  had a very traumatic time having had multiple owners over such a short period. We are so happy to say that he has now gone to his forever home now. Thanks Amy for taking great care of him , fostering [...]


After being abandoned by her previous owners, this delightful little female cat was left to defend herself. Now she has been adopted and is starting a new life with Alison and Rhys. She has already settled in well with her new family. Thank-you Jessie for fostering and caring for Lola while she was in our [...]


Peach has gone to a permanent home to live with Mark in Arthurs Point and she has a playmate kitty friend named Turk. She gets all the love and cuddles from Mark in her new home that a cat could ever need.


Our beautiful mother cat Molly came to us pregnant and all of her kittens that were all adopted out to fantastic homes. She has now gone to her permanent home to live with the Mire family, with their 9 year old son & 12 year old daughter. We are happy to say that there will [...]

Beautiful Tabby

Our beautiful little friendly 5 month old kitty has been adopted by our volunteer/supporter Caz. What a great home this kitty is going to have! And a huge thank you to Sarah Davey for rescuing this little kitten after being abandoned, and for fostering & caring for her for the last month.

Great home found

He is a lovely 5-6 month old male cat and he went to his new home with Lynette & her husband in Perkins Road. Thank you so much Gemma for fostering him and caring for him for us, we know how attached you were to him.


We rescued Thomas from Coronet Peak. He is big, cuddly and loves to snuggle. Thomas has gone to his new home with Mike in Dublin Street. Thomas has an eye for the ladies in his new home, he makes a point of smooching and snuggling up to them. 

Miss Kitty

  Miss Kitty is about 9-10 years old and she has now gone to her loving home with Vanessa & her family. Miss Kitty is sharing the home with the 6 month old kitty that Vanessa adopted a couple of months ago. Thanks Vanessa for giving Miss Kitty a great home  

Black Pudding

  Vicky and her husband fostered and patiently cared for Black Pudding for three months. Black Pudding has now gone to live with Julia.

Little Possum

  Little Possum had a mangled front leg when she came to us, Shelly & Andy fostered her but then decided to adopt her as their own. Little Possum has come along way thanks to Shelly & Andy.


This delightful little female cat ‘Delilah’ was lovingly fostered by Matt and Gabby. She is now in her great new home with Mandy at Paradise in Glenorchy.    

Nala – Queen Bee

This is our cat Nala. We re-homed her from Queenstown Cat Rescue a while ago, when she was about 6 months old. She was tiny and skinny but now is a lovely sleek well cat. She very quickly adopted my husband and conned him into sharing my side of the bed and half his lunch [...]

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