Queenstown Cat Rescue

Queenstown Cat Rescue is independent Charitable Trust whose focus is to reduce the numbers of stray cats in the Central Otago area in New Zealand.

Lost and Found Cats

When cats go missing it is distressing for their families so it would be appreciated if you have the time to look through, just in case you can help reunite a family. If you think you may have seen one of our lost cats or if you recognize a cat please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have lost or found a cat we invite you to ‘post’ a picture and caption on this page. If you prefer you can email us and we will add your notice on your behalf. Email ‘Lost and Found’ cats to admin@qcatrescue.org.nz. We also have a Facebook page under Queenstown Cat Rescue  https://www.facebook.com/groups/429641057198220/ where you are welcome to post your photo and details on our page there of your missing cat. Micro chipping plays a huge role in enabling us and the vets to help reunited missing cats with their owners.All cats that are adopted through Queenstown Cat Rescue are micro chipped.While most vet clinics hold their own chip records, these are sometimes lost or archived or simply become unavailable , it is very important that when you adopt your kitty , or have your cat chipped that you register the number on the national register ,https://www.animalregister.co.nz/  this enables all clinics, rescues and other authorities to search the data base should your cat find itself lost, no matter where in the country it is ,  for any help with a lost cat Ph Julia 021 268 2962 or Lydia 027 229 3121






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