Queenstown Cat Rescue

Queenstown Cat Rescue is independent Charitable Trust whose focus is to reduce the numbers of stray cats in the Central Otago area in New Zealand.

Cats & Kittens for Adoption

Queenstown – 18 month old Trevor.

Trevor is ready for adoption a real character! Approximately 18 months old. He is lovely smoochy and sweet the other is a little mean, he is awesome and you never know which Trevor you will get so always fun to be around. Contact Ruth 027 208 3725 for further information. Adoption fee applies and NZ Residents only. Cat Sponsorship is here!!!!  He is proudly sponsored by Fusee Rouge Café.

Wobby Kitties

Hi we are Hermione, Neville and Mad-Eye Moody or the “Wobbly Crew”. We all have Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) or wobbly cat syndrome which we unfortunately got from our mum who had feline panleukopenia virus when she was pregnant with us. Cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) is a disorder in which the cerebellum part of the brain doesn’t develop completely before birth. The cerebellum is responsible for motor control and coordination, so having an underdeveloped cerebellum results in jerky movements, clumsiness, and even tremors. While my brothers have it more severely, I only have it mildly – however it doesn’t hurt, and we don’t know life any different!There is no cure but it doesn’t get any worse either and the more we play the better our muscles develop and we can compensate! CH however doesn’t stop us to do what all kittens do – we looove our cuddles and especially my brother Neville demands them all the time, he’s such a sucker! We fight with each other until our fur fly’s and we have races who can’t get to our foster mum first, which I always win as I can run in a straight line and my brothers can’t. We are looking for our furever homes now, ideally with someone who has a little bit more time, maybe works from home or only part-time. Our foster mum says you can come and visit us and we can hang out – but be prepared we do have the cute factor!
Please contact Andrea 022 614 7755 to meet these special fur-balls, NZ residents only and if renting you will need your landlords permission

Queenstown: Simba – Male

SIMBA – Do you like to spend your days rolling your eyes? Is your favourite saying ‘what the hell?’ then this is the cat for you!
When not sitting like a fat old man waiting for you to bring him a beer he will guard your cardboard boxes. Perhaps best suited to be owned by a postman as he has a tenancy to package himself up on a regular basis.
This is a very special young man needing a very special home, he is very small but older than he looks. To find out how this brave wee fella fought the odds and pulled through to become so very loved by Andrea and I, please contact Andrea Greengrass Balona to learn his story. NZ residents only, adoption fee applies. Andrea  022 614 7755

Queenstown: Hattie 7 month old Female

Darling sweet Hattie loves nothing more than big hugs and lots of kisses. A gentle sweet nature and all the love in the world to give you. You could not find a nicer companion. Hattie is good with kids and other cats. Female around 7 months old. The way to bond with her is by lowering your face to her level and head bumping with her, it’s too cute! NZ residents only, adoption fee applies.
If interested please contact Andrea 022 614 7755

Queenstown: Justin 5 month old Male

Meet Justin! Very affectionate friendly kitty.
Very playful although can play a little rough at times ;) . Not at all phased by my son or small dog and has easily settled in and made himself at home. Litter trained and independent. He is 5 months old and ready to find his furever family!  NZ residents only, adoption fee $160.00, please contact Andrea 022 614 7755

Queenstown: Tom & Jerry 7 month old Males

Introducing Tom and Jerry, ready for their furever homes!
These boys are about 7 months old, super friendly and making themselves at home with their Foster family. They love to play, and run and are both super smoochie kittens that ❤️ pats. Would love to keep them together if possible as they love to play and sleep together but would also rehome on there own fine too. Adoption fee applies, NZ residents only. Please contact Belinda 021 025 19031

Queenstown: Leo & Flash

Leo and Flash are ready for their forever homes. They are 5 months old, both Males, desexed and fully vaccinated.
Leo is super friendly, loves to sleep on your knee and follow you around the house.
Flash is slightly more timid, silky soft and loves cuddles when you pick him up or he hops on your knee, also loves to play in water!
They adore our big dog and great with our cats too.
These brothers could be homed together or separately.
Text 02102519031 to arrange to meet these gorgeous boys.
Adoption fee $160, must be NZ resident, and if renting have landlords written permission

Cromwell: Mimi – Female

Mimi absolutely loves attention, is a smooch-a-holic and always wants to play. She adores other cats and doesnt mind dogs but doesnt like to get too close unless it’s on her own terms. She will suit any home, especially a home with kids or someone who is keen to play lots of games, keep her entertained and give her the love she demands. She has the cutest big ginger ears!
NZ residents only, adoption fee $160.00. Contact Lydia 027 229 3121

Queenstown: 5 month old Female

Adorable little 5 month old Suzy is very playful. She loves chasing after her toys. She’s also very cuddly and has the loudest pur! Suzy loves to snuggle up on whoever is sitting on the couch. She is a very sweet kitty. NZ residents only, adoption fee $160. If renting you will need landlords permission first. Contact Mel 022 082 4271

Queenstown: Charlie 4 month old Female

This is Charlie, a beautiful striped tabby about 14 weeks old. Litter trained and used to other cats. She has such a lovely personality and is very inquisitive. She loves food!!! Her favourite toy is a laser beam which she could chase all day. She is a little social thing and wants to be included in everything you do, even if she just sits on your shoulder while you sit at the computer. Very gentle and would be good with kids. NZ residents only $160 adoption fee, contact Andrea 022 614 7755

Queenstown: Abie – Female

Meet Abie. Abie has a grumpy face but not a grumpy nature. She is an affectionate cat who enjoys a back scratch and chin tickle. Her favourite hobby is to find sunny spots and wriggle around on her back. Until she hits the sunlight juuuust right. A gentle happy girl that can be both independent and affectionate. Very good with other cats. Adoption fee $160 NZ residents only. Ring Andrea 022 614 7755

Queenstown: Parker – Female

Meet Parker:  Our dear little girl with the most beautiful gentle singing voice. For her life is an exciting musical, she will sing hello, sing for her dinner. She loves to supervise what you do. A soft curious nature. She enjoys her tickles and snuggles in bed. Loves the company of kids and other cats.
If interested please contact Andrea Greengrass Balona for more about this young little adult. NZ residents only, adoption fees $160. You will need written permission from your landlord if renting. Andrea 022 614 7755

Queenstown: Leo 5 month old Male

Leo is ready for his forever home. He’s 5 months old. Male, desexed and fully vaccinated. Leo loves to sleep on your knee (even when he slides off!) and to play and eat. He’s great with other cats and used to our big dog.
Text 02102519031 to arrange to meet this gorgeous boy.
Adoption fee $160, you must be a NZ resident, and if renting have landlords written permission

Queenstown: Bea – 18 month old Female

Our wee Bumble Bea is 18 months old – such a lovely little cutie .. although she’s very shy, she absolutely loves affection, as long as it’s on her terms! She will provide endless cuddles and nuzzles if it’s in a quiet environment one on one i.e. in bed at night time. Loves her food, she can be very easily won over with chicken or sausage tidbits. She loves being outdoors and likes to bring in mice as gifts. Bea would be suited to a quieter home without young children or other pets. Bea was caught in the Cardrona Valley alongside several other domestic cats which we assume had been dumped. Bea’s ears were so badly damaged the vet thought she had been deliberately hurt. Whilst under general anesthetic the vet repaired the damage as best she could and tidied up the edges. Adoption fee does apply. NZ permanent residents only please. $160 adoption fee Contact Ruth 027 208 3725:   Cat Sponsorship is here!!!! Bea is proudly sponsored by On Target Drilling. https://www.ontargetdrillingsouth.nz/

Queenstown: 18 month Horsie – Male

Horse – very friendly and affectionate 18 month old boy. Loves being indoors when and climbing on people for cuddles. When the house is empty he’ll go exploring or sunbathing but never roams too far. VERY vocal and chatty, and always gives you a lovely welcome home! He is 18 months old. NZ residents only. To meet him contact Ruth 027 208 3725:   Cat Sponsorship is here!!! Horse is proudly sponsored by SqueakyKleen 

Queenstown: Kittie 5 month Female

This is Kittie, She is approx 5 months. Kittie is on her way to being a smoochy home body, she chases after anything that moves and a would make a great playmate for another cat or cat friendly dog.

She gets on very well with our older cat. Kittie is up for adoption. NZ residents only and if renting landlord permission is needed. Contact Teri Mitchell if interested. Adoption fee is $160 this includes. Contact Teri 027 711 4788

Queenstown: Snowy 5 month old Male

Everyone meet Snowy! Male, around  5 months.
All vaccinations and microchip done.
He will be available in around two weeks time and is nearly ready to find his furever home ♥️
Snowy can be a little shy, and you will need to gain his trust. He’s a little independent but with some patience and love invested in to him no doubt he will provide lots of love and joy to his new family.
New Zealand Residents only, $160 adoption fee applies. If renting, you must have your landlords written permission. Contact Mel 0220824271 if you are interested

Queenstown: Boris 4 year old Male

4 year old Boris LOVES males and enjoys sitting in front of a warm fire, sleeping on your bed, and especialy likes to be the boss of the house hold. He has a beautiful character. Doesn’t get on with other cats or dogs.  To meet Boris message Ruth de Reus or contact 027 208 3725: Cat Sponsorship is here!!!! BORIS is proudly sponsored by Cathryn Kabuji and Lucky Kabuji , their niece Ella cooper along the team at Findex New Zealand Queenstown

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